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Tattoo of the week: 31-06.03-04.2014


This photo come from London Tattoo Convention from last year.

Miami Ink

miami ink

Miami Ink is one of the most famous TV shows about tattoo. You will see group of great tattoo artist which own Tattoo shop. Real people, real tattoo, real story, that’s Miami Ink show. If you didnt had oportunity to watch this show, you still cant look at youtube for some episodes.

Norwegian teenager made receipt tattoo on his arm


The 18-year guy from Norway seems little crazy. He made bet with his friends and he was force to make tattoo on his arm. This sounds little crazy but really crazy part is his design, because he made receipt from his lunch at fastfood. All newspapers around Europe inform about this guy and it seems like he is enjoying this attention.

Koi Fish


Koi fish is traditional Japanese tattoo. Koi basically mean carp and it can have a lot meanings. It is use as symbol for personal strength. Its very important which color you choose for you Koi fish tattoo because diferent colors can have various meanings. For example Red koi mean love. Black koi mean that you has overcome something really hard. Blue koi mean reproduction. Yin and yang koi mean balance.

Tattoo of the week: 24-30.03.2014

tattoo of the week

I think this picture come from Milano, Italy, Tattoo Convention 2013. Its always nice when women have courage to get huge tattoo like this one. And she looks pretty awesome with that. If you wanna see picture at original size, click on picture below.