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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Go Beyond The Cover – Rick Genest


Better known as Zombie boy, thats Rick Genest, guy who transform his body with tattoos in to real zombie. His tattoo look great and if you didn’t heard about him before, make sure you will watch this video below. Rick is now some kind of celebrity, because he act in movies, he do a lot photoshoting and stuff like that. And couple years ago he also made famous advert which now have almost 15 mil. views on Youtube. Check it out!

Gallery – Milano Tattoo Convention 2014


Last month Milano hosted his 19th Tattoo Convention. This is one of the biggest Tattoo Convention in Italy and also in Europe. Many great tattoo artist was there and everybody had opportunity get tattoo from the best. Here you can see some pictures from this great event.

Tattoos in Movies #1


Tattoo was at many movies and TV Shows. So if you wanna watch some movie, you can choose from my list, instead of random searching at the IMDB ;) I will show you couple movies where tattoo was part of whole story.  Probably the most famous TV shows where tattoo played main role was Prison Break. Michael Scofield made a full body tattoo because he wanted to save his brother who was sent to death row. What i didnt mention was this tattoo cover hiden map and he will use it for escape from Prison. Interesting story line and first two seasons was awesome.

Face Tattoo


Face Tattoo is something what is for most people little out of line. Even people which already have some tattoos dont like the idea of having tattoo on their face. Face is for all of us way how we communicate with other people and its first impression for people which we dont know already. So first thought what we create in minds is “jesus, this guy have tattoo on his face!!!”. Some people do it because they like it, they like when they amaze people around them.  Other people do it for multiple reasons. One group do it because they are gang members and their face tattoo prove their loyalty to gang.

Tribal Tattoos


Tribal tattoos (also known as tribes or ornaments tattoos) are probably the most popular tattoo designs at the new age in tattoo area. These designs are typically very simple and your tattoo artist shouldn’t have any problem to make it on your skin. If you are muscle man, you can put it on your arms and your muscles will look way bigger. People like to choose mostly black or grey color, because multicolored tribal tattoos are not that popular. But some girls sometimes choose it anyway. These days are Tribal tattoos way too popular than should be and people starting looking for something what is more unique.