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How to get cheap Tattoo Gun


Its always nice to get tattoo from professional tattoo artist. Its obviously the best option because your tattoo clear, your master have experience and he using clear tools, but its also very expensive. If you wanna create home made tattoo you can easily create your tattoo gun basically without nothing. Its almost same like machines from prison, but these tattoos are not clear, ink is very bad and everything is little silly. But if you are looking for another option, here is one!

French student made his tattoo with 3D printer

3d tattoo machine

It seems like age where tattoo artists make tattoo with tattoo guns is gone. It really sounds like message from future but its truth that french student made his tattoo with 3D printer. After couple test he build printer what was able make very perfet circle tattoo on his arm. Interesting thing about is that these pictures are very hard to make even for very expirienced tattoo artist and this machine was able to do it very clear. Next time you will go for another tattoo you may by little surprised when you will see 3D printer instead of your tattoo artist.

Britain’s most tattooed man removing his tattoos


Matthew Whelan from England spent last 20 years on getting tattoos on his body. Now he decide that he wanna remove all his tattoos, because he wants to start again. Removing tattoos with laser is very painful and expensive process, but Matthew doesn’t care.

Tattoo Conventions calendar 2014


If you are a fan of tattoo and if you plan visit some interesting events, you have many options na matter where you live. Tattoo Conventions are popular around the World. Couple months back i found a great site where you can find all these events on one place. Im from Europe so probably the most Conventions you can find at Germany.

Norwegian teenager made receipt tattoo on his arm


The 18-year guy from Norway seems little crazy. He made bet with his friends and he was force to make tattoo on his arm. This sounds little crazy but really crazy part is his design, because he made receipt from his lunch at fastfood. All newspapers around Europe inform about this guy and it seems like he is enjoying this attention.