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Where to find free tattoo designs?


If you are looking for a new tattoos, first thing what you have to find is your design. You have so many option where to look for new ideas and here you can get some advices. Firstly you have to decide which type of tattoo you wanna get. Because if you are unsure, you will spend so much time with thousands galleries and you have to little cut your area, where you wanna looking. So if you like biomechanical, or japanase tattoos, it make everything more easy, than just look for random pictures.

Meme Tattoos


Meme is way how people sharing interesting things like thoughts, pictures, videos, messages..and sometimes also tattoos (for example Gangnam style, Anonymous, all these things we can call like meme). Meme is very old way how people staying connected with each other but it look like something new because we see it today on social networks like facebook, twitter or instagram.

Ja Rule Tattoos

ja rule tattoo 6

Ja rule is famous rapper and actor from New York. He successfully release many albums. He also had a lot beefs with 50 cent. But both of these guys saying that their war between them is past. He performing around the world and he is also very well known like movie actor. Fast and Furious, Scary Movie 3, is best known. He is very proud on all of his tattoos and he was like guest star in one episode of tv show LA Ink where he gets tattoo.

Biomechanical Tattoos


Biomechanical Tattoos are modern type of art. If you like movies like Terminator or Robocop, biomechanic will be def. something for you. Main idea is put together human and robot. It’s almost like puzzle.

Tip for your tattoo: half sleeve and chest tattoo


If you looking for something special, something what look really good, half sleeve and chest tattoo could be right choice for you. This design looks like armor from glorious gladiator. This type of tattoo have history at japanese and maori arts. It become very famous after movie star The Rock made this tattoo on his shoulder. So if you plan bigger tattoo what is original and also traditional, this could be your way.