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Ja Rule Tattoos

ja rule tattoo 6

Ja rule is famous rapper and actor from New York. He successfully release many albums. He also had a lot beefs with 50 cent. But both of these guys saying that their war between them is past. He performing around the world and he is also very well known like movie actor. Fast and Furious, Scary Movie 3, is best known. He is very proud on all of his tattoos and he was like guest star in one episode of tv show LA Ink where he gets tattoo.

Interview with celebrity Tattoo artist Jon Mesa


Celebrity usually dont care about how much they have to pay for tattoo or where their tattoo master have his tattoo studio, but they really care about high quality, professionalism and privacy. They giving recommendations to each others at business and all of them like actors, directors, managers, musicians go to certain tattoo artists. One of them is Jon Mesa, who is very well known at tattoo industry and here you can watch short interview with him.