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MS-13 gang Tattoos


MS-13 is fastest growing gang in America. Extremely brutal and very famous for their tattoos. MS-13 (also known as Mara Salvatrucha) have base in Los Angeles, but they originally come from Salvador and Guatemala. They have estimated 100 000 members. They killing and kidnaping people and also dealing drugs and guns. Many of their members are currently at prison where they get their tattoos. Very common are also their face tattoos.

Ripped Skin Tattoo

ripped img

Ripped Skin Tattoo are very interesting area in body art because they seems very realistic. If you wanna see interesting gallery with these designs, click on gallery below.

Koi Fish


Koi fish is traditional Japanese tattoo. Koi basically mean carp and it can have a lot meanings. It is use as symbol for personal strength. Its very important which color you choose for you Koi fish tattoo because diferent colors can have various meanings. For example Red koi mean love. Black koi mean that you has overcome something really hard. Blue koi mean reproduction. Yin and yang koi mean balance.

Gallery – Milano Tattoo Convention 2014


Last month Milano hosted his 19th Tattoo Convention. This is one of the biggest Tattoo Convention in Italy and also in Europe. Many great tattoo artist was there and everybody had opportunity get tattoo from the best. Here you can see some pictures from this great event.

Tattoos in Movies #1


Tattoo was at many movies and TV Shows. So if you wanna watch some movie, you can choose from my list, instead of random searching at the IMDB ;) I will show you couple movies where tattoo was part of whole story.  Probably the most famous TV shows where tattoo played main role was Prison Break. Michael Scofield made a full body tattoo because he wanted to save his brother who was sent to death row. What i didnt mention was this tattoo cover hiden map and he will use it for escape from Prison. Interesting story line and first two seasons was awesome.