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Tip for your tattoo: half sleeve and chest tattoo


If you looking for something special, something what look really good, half sleeve and chest tattoo could be right choice for you. This design looks like armor from glorious gladiator. This type of tattoo have history at japanese and maori arts. It become very famous after movie star The Rock made this tattoo on his shoulder. So if you plan bigger tattoo what is original and also traditional, this could be your way.

Tattoos in Movies #1


Tattoo was at many movies and TV Shows. So if you wanna watch some movie, you can choose from my list, instead of random searching at the IMDB ;) I will show you couple movies where tattoo was part of whole story.  Probably the most famous TV shows where tattoo played main role was Prison Break. Michael Scofield made a full body tattoo because he wanted to save his brother who was sent to death row. What i didnt mention was this tattoo cover hiden map and he will use it for escape from Prison. Interesting story line and first two seasons was awesome.

Celtic Tattoos


Celtic tattoo symbols are very popular mostly at Europe, where they come from. These symbols are inspired by Celtic Arts. Probably the most popular design for tattoo is Celtic Cross, which is little different than Christian Cross. Celts was very tough tribal with huge history. They was great warriors. If you like celtic symbols, take a time and search what every symbols mean, because some of them are often using as hate symbol with racist groups around the world.

Website upgrade!


Sorry guys for maintance. But i was forcing totally rebuild this site. Old version of this site was running on zenPhoto Gallery and i was under attack thousands of spams bots. My database basically go broke and i removed old website and replate by this. I hope you like it! We running now at wordpress and i will try post new inspirations for you tattoo every single day! :) So stay tuned.