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Ja Rule Tattoos

ja rule tattoo 6

Ja rule is famous rapper and actor from New York. He successfully release many albums. He also had a lot beefs with 50 cent. But both of these guys saying that their war between them is past. He performing around the world and he is also very well known like movie actor. Fast and Furious, Scary Movie 3, is best known. He is very proud on all of his tattoos and he was like guest star in one episode of tv show LA Ink where he gets tattoo.



Divergent is new movie from director Neil Burger. Story come from book which wrote Veronica Roth. This movie is classic sci-fi but interesting part about it is tattoo! You will see here a lot futuristic tattoo designs which was created only for movie purpose.

Miami Ink

miami ink

Miami Ink is one of the most famous TV shows about tattoo. You will see group of great tattoo artist which own Tattoo shop. Real people, real tattoo, real story, that’s Miami Ink show. If you didnt had oportunity to watch this show, you still cant look at youtube for some episodes.

Koi Fish


Koi fish is traditional Japanese tattoo. Koi basically mean carp and it can have a lot meanings. It is use as symbol for personal strength. Its very important which color you choose for you Koi fish tattoo because diferent colors can have various meanings. For example Red koi mean love. Black koi mean that you has overcome something really hard. Blue koi mean reproduction. Yin and yang koi mean balance.

Go Beyond The Cover – Rick Genest


Better known as Zombie boy, thats Rick Genest, guy who transform his body with tattoos in to real zombie. His tattoo look great and if you didn’t heard about him before, make sure you will watch this video below. Rick is now some kind of celebrity, because he act in movies, he do a lot photoshoting and stuff like that. And couple years ago he also made famous advert which now have almost 15 mil. views on Youtube. Check it out!