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Dragon Tattoos


If you like mystery, magic, all these stuff what we can overlly call fantasy, dragon design is great choice for you new tattoo. These days are Dragon tattoo more popular because TV shows like Game of Thrones make it more popular and what is popular on TV, is popular also between ordinary people. Dragon Tattoos have long history specialy at Japanes art. If you familiar with things like Irezumi, you know what im talking about. So if you wanna find some good inspiration for you Dragon Tattoo, find a book about Irezumi or other form Japanese art, and you will be surprise with amazing designs what you can use for you tattoo.

On pictures below you can see some inspiration what i found at Google. Some of these design are very amazing and one thing what i noticed is when people choose Dragon Tattoo design, they usually create a big tattoo, for example they use all area on their back’s or their arm’s. People probably dont like small Dragons, because as we know Dragons are big animals :)