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Home Made Tattoo Gun

home made tattoo gun

I was always impressed by prisoners how can they make tattoos at prison basically without nothing. If you are in the jail for many years, you get bored and maybe you will start looking at tattoos. Prisoners using very basic tools to create their own Tattoo Gun and inks. These machines and inks are not great but its enough to create decent tattoos. If you wanna see how to create same tattoo machine like guys in prison, take a look at this youtube video below.

First thing what i wanna tell you that there are many better options to create tattoo than with home made tattoo gun. You can go in to tattoo studio, or you can buy Tatttoo machine at shop. Many of them are very cheap and even quality doens’t have to be great, they are still better for use than home made tattoo gun. Another topic is health. At prisons you can easily get many diseases, because they use just one needle for whole prison. So you can get jaundice or something worse, is’t very easy. But if you doing your machine at home, you dont have worry about these things, but you can still get some type of infection if you are not careful.