Tattoo Kit

Angel tattoos

It took me almost five years to recover this blog since my last post. I wanted to create interesting blog about tattoo but i was too lazy writing news and adding updates. This time i will try more harder. More »

Butterfly tattoos

You can completely customize the featured slides from the theme theme options page. You can also easily hide the slider from certain part of your site like: categories, tags, archives etc. More »

Love Tattoos

Back in old days, love tattoos was one of the most likable choices for getting tattoo. People fall in love and they want to have their darling close to them. More »

Skull Tattoos

Skull tattoos are one the most popular choice among tattoo designs. People like it because with Skull tattoo you look as badass. Heh, im just kidding. More »

Cross Tattoos

Some people think that cross tattoos always have some connection with religion, but it’s not always truth. The fact is that a lot people who don’t believe in god still like the idea of taking Jesus cross tattoos on their body’s. More »


Tattoo Conventions calendar 2014


If you are a fan of tattoo and if you plan visit some interesting events, you have many options na matter where you live. Tattoo Conventions are popular around the World. Couple months back i found a great site where you can find all these events on one place. Im from Europe so probably the most Conventions you can find at Germany.

Meme Tattoos


Meme is way how people sharing interesting things like thoughts, pictures, videos, messages..and sometimes also tattoos (for example Gangnam style, Anonymous, all these things we can call like meme). Meme is very old way how people staying connected with each other but it look like something new because we see it today on social networks like facebook, twitter or instagram.

Ja Rule Tattoos

ja rule tattoo 6

Ja rule is famous rapper and actor from New York. He successfully release many albums. He also had a lot beefs with 50 cent. But both of these guys saying that their war between them is past. He performing around the world and he is also very well known like movie actor. Fast and Furious, Scary Movie 3, is best known. He is very proud on all of his tattoos and he was like guest star in one episode of tv show LA Ink where he gets tattoo.



Divergent is new movie from director Neil Burger. Story come from book which wrote Veronica Roth. This movie is classic sci-fi but interesting part about it is tattoo! You will see here a lot futuristic tattoo designs which was created only for movie purpose.

Biomechanical Tattoos


Biomechanical Tattoos are modern type of art. If you like movies like Terminator or Robocop, biomechanic will be def. something for you. Main idea is put together human and robot. It’s almost like puzzle.