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Cross Tattoos


Some people think that cross tattoos always have some connection with religion, but it’s not always truth. The fact is that a lot people who don’t believe in god still like the idea of taking Jesus cross tattoos on their body’s.

Cross is very popular symbol around the world. If you have a time, take a look for another examples such as Religious Cross or Celtic Cross. These type of cross are little different than Jesus Cross, but still very likable. These type of Cross tattoos are most popular in my opinion and you dont have to be huge believer. But if you are trully believer, another popular thing what people like to add is also this sentence “only god can judge me“. But problem is that after many years to many people added this sentence in to their body and it kinda lost uniqueness and magic power if you know what i mean, i like more originally things, but if you like, go for it!