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Koi Fish


Koi fish is traditional Japanese tattoo. Koi basically mean carp and it can have a lot meanings. It is use as symbol for personal strength. Its very important which color you choose for you Koi fish tattoo because diferent colors can have various meanings. For example Red koi mean love. Black koi mean that you has overcome something really hard. Blue koi mean reproduction. Yin and yang koi mean balance.

Animal Tattoos


Animal Tattoos are very decent option for your tattoo designs, because they don’t bother anyone and they are very universal. Very common designs are Dogs, Wolfs, Tigers, Lions, Birds and Butterflies. Some people like to take a picture theirs pets and put photography as tattoo. They often do it as memory when their pet passed away. I think many of these designs can be very cute, but it’s kinda oldschool type of tattoos. So you asking what’s modern now? At this point i really like Japanese tatoos like Irezumi. They using amazing pictures like Koi for exmaple. This is basically name for carp. Some of you may say, “i dont wanna have fish ony my body” but i highly recommend see pictures of Koi Tattoos below and i can bet you you will change your mind.