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Tip for your tattoo: half sleeve and chest tattoo


If you looking for something special, something what look really good, half sleeve and chest tattoo could be right choice for you. This design looks like armor from glorious gladiator. This type of tattoo have history at japanese and maori arts. It become very famous after movie star The Rock made this tattoo on his shoulder. So if you plan bigger tattoo what is original and also traditional, this could be your way.

All Blacks Tattoos

Maori Ma’a Nonu tattoo

Yesterday i saw a great movie called Invictus (2009) with Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman. This movie was about national rugby team from South Africa. If you know something about South Africa, you probably know about difficult situation between white and black people there at 90′s. There was high criminality, people was very poor and everything was very bad. But there was also many great characters what tried solve this problem like Nelson Mandela, and others.