Tattoo Kit

Tattoos in Movies #1


Tattoo was at many movies and TV Shows. So if you wanna watch some movie, you can choose from my list, instead of random searching at the IMDB ;) I will show you couple movies where tattoo was part of whole story.  Probably the most famous TV shows where tattoo played main role was Prison Break. Michael Scofield made a full body tattoo because he wanted to save his brother who was sent to death row. What i didnt mention was this tattoo cover hiden map and he will use it for escape from Prison. Interesting story line and first two seasons was awesome.

Prison Break



Cool older movie from late 90′s. Wesley Snipes as tough half-vampire who fight against other vampires. Maybe you didn’t notice but he had nice tribal tattoos on his neck. First movie was great, second was also very good, so i highly recomend watch this.

blade-tattoo blade


Sin Nombre

This movie is about two Hondurans teenagers which trying to escape from his country. The problem is they are hunting by deadly gang call Mara Salvatrucha. You will see many gang tattoos and whole story is pretty interesting.




First thing what come to my mind when someone says “movie and tattoo” is def. Memento. This movie is about guy call Leonard who wants his revenge, because his wife was killed. And every important facts he put on his body as tattoo.



Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack Sparrow, semi badass pirate who like alcohol, girls, sea and tattoo of course. Pirates of the Caribbean have many instalment so you can spend whole weekend watching this.