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Where to find free tattoo designs?


If you are looking for a new tattoos, first thing what you have to find is your design. You have so many option where to look for new ideas and here you can get some advices. Firstly you have to decide which type of tattoo you wanna get. Because if you are unsure, you will spend so much time with thousands galleries and you have to little cut your area, where you wanna looking. So if you like biomechanical, or japanase tattoos, it make everything more easy, than just look for random pictures.

If you had some tattoo before, you can also visit your tattoo artist and tell him some of your ideas and he will draw something originally for you. Otherwise you can still look at internet galleries. On links below you have some tips where to look for new designs and pictures. You can also borrow some books because many of them are generously ilustrated with great pictures. This is case mostly for japanese art, where you can find many good pictures.
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